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The Chronicles of Sagas


At Sagas we take you on a voyage by curating products that tell a story and allow you to express yours.

We promise you...


We carefully curate products that a story. We respect the sources of each product and value the unique talents of the creators and designers.


We believe in stripping away the BS and tell stories from a place of authenticity. Our products allow you to express yourself and tell yours in a subtle way.


We appreciate our customers’ passion for craftsmanship as much as the creators behind each product. We value the journey from idea to conception of wares as a reflection of the creator’s passion and care. 


We believe in sustainability and longevity, there are no used-by dates with our products. We select products that are made to last, products you will cherish and might even want to pass on to someone. 


We select products that are highly sought-after, limited and not mass produced.


We are committed to providing consistency in products, service and experience. 


Our flagship store is easily accessible by public transport and our products are also conveniently available for purchase on our website.

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